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To all Returned Volunteers, Staff and Counterparts

Would you like to be interviewed, or become an Interviewer or Indexer?

All Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, Peace Corps Staff and Peace Corps Counterparts are welcome to complete an interview.


CLICK HERE to complete an Interview Request

In honor of the 60th Anniversary of the Peace Corps in 2021, we are also seeking interviewees representing diversity through the Many Faces of Peace Corps Project.

Be Interviewed

  • The project invites Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, Peace Corps staff (former and current) and Counterparts who have worked with Volunteers and Staff to be interviewed.  
  • “The toughest job you ever loved” is a slogan that resonates with many Volunteers. There are good days. There are great days. There are bad days. Some Volunteers want to stay in their host countries forever; others can’t wait to come home. We all have stories to tell.  
  • Please contact us if you’d like to be interviewed. We will connect you with a trained interviewer. Interviews average sixty to ninety minutes.
  • Contact: or sign up HERE.


Become an Interviewer

  • The first step is to be interviewed yourself. All Interviewers must first be interviewed and trained.
  • Interviewers are trained and supported by the RPCV Oral History Archives Project Guide. They follow established oral history interviewing guidelines to ensure that highest quality standards are consistently applied.
  • Volunteers procure their own interviewing equipment and software (typically a laptop and Zoom license) and cover minor costs of supplies they choose to purchase.  
  • Contact: or sign up  HERE.


Become an Indexer

  • Indexing is a technical keyword and content tagging process used by the Nunn Center to make interviews more accessible for research purposes. Interviews are not publicly viewable until they have been indexed. Click HERE to learn more about indexing.
  • Indexers need not be Returned Volunteers.